At MénageSimple we are convinced that having a clean house is way more beneficial than what you may think. Living in a clean environment benefits productivity and will make your life healthier.


It’s so much better to come back home and spend time with your family, children and friends instead of having to clean a whole column of dirty dishes. Relationships, like houses, suffer if they are not taken care of.


After you’ll stop wasting your time to keep your house clean, you’ll find much easier finding energies to go to the gym, have a walk, cook an healthy meal.

Your goals

Working in an office or at home, you won’t be able to focus on your goals unless the place is tidy and clean. Living in an harmony also helps you develop better habits.

Your Time

Life is much more enjoyable when you can wake up on a Saturday morning and read a book or dedicate yourself to your hobby instead of scrubbing the toilets.

Our Prices

  • Respects the environment by using e-documents and eco-firendly cleaning products, healthy for your family and pets
  • Doesn’t bound you to a long term contract: free cancellation with at least 48 hours notice, change to your recurring cleaning request possible anytime
  • Has more than 2000 satisfied customers
  • Offers competitive salaries ranging from 22.55 CHF to 26.- CHF per hour, and important social advantages for our the cleaning ladies. We also individually train every new maid before you can use their servicces.


One Off Cleaning

from CHF 42.-/hour
Cleaning Products
7/7 Customer Support
Trip, AVS, Taxes

Every Month

CHF 42.-/hour from CHF 39.9/hour
Cleaning Products
7/7 Customer support
The same cleaning lady at every service
Trip, AVS, Taxes

Every 2 Weeks

CHF 42.-/hour from CHF 37.8/hour
Cleaning Products
7/7 Customer support
The same cleaning lady at every service
Trip, AVS, Taxes

Who uses MénageSimple?

More and More people realise that they don’t have enough time to spend with what they value the most in their lifes

Those who hate wasting time

MénageSimple can send to your house up to 3 cleaning ladies: this can minimize the time that your house and appartment is under use and maximise the time you can give yourself to enjoy how clean it is. You also don’t have to take care of any legal procedure, since delcaration, taxes and training is on us.

Those who like a stress-free experience

MénageSimple offers one of the most attractive guarantees in the industry: if you are not happy with our service, we will reclean for free. If you still aren’t happy, we will refound your purchase.

...and more than 2000 satisfied customers!

Let MénageSimple take care of it for you!

Here at MénageSimple, we are very passionate by 2 things:

After-Sale Support

Impeccable Cleaning

A word from MénageSimple's Founder:

Des choses comme le profit, le marketing, le volume sont très importantes quand on s’occupe d’une entreprise – mais je suis convaincus que si nous concentrons nos efforts pour offrir un niveau supérieur de ménage et de service à la clientèle, tout le reste va venir de conséquence.

Nous ne sommes peut-être pas aussi rentables comme nous pourrons l’être, mais notre attention principale n’est pas sur le profit.

Nous souhaitons effectuer des nettoyages les plus propres et rendre nos clients aussi contents que l’on peut. Dans ces domaines, nous sommes constamment en train d’apprendre des nouvelles techniques de nettoyage et de réorganiser notre méthodes pour les rendre le plus efficaces possible. Nous dédions toute notre attention à ce qui peut rendre l’expérience de la clientèle et notre service meilleur.Luca Bernardi