Customer’s reviews

MénageSimple gives great consideration for customer’s reviews.  We send a feedback request through email after every service we perform, just to make sure you are happy about our work. Here are some of the feedbacks we received back.


A service beyond my expectations.


Not only the cleaning was impeccable, but the cleaning ladies also left lavanda candles to perfume the house.

Live Chat is extremely helpful. In short, I recommend MénageSimple.

èpreuveasSylvie Beaumont



The cleaning ladies are not only very effective but also very kind. The house is cleaner than ever. Plus, offering a bottle of wine to new recurring clients is very welcoming.


Mandira Halder

Clara_HeimI have been very impressed by the precision of Marie’s work. I was doubting that a cleaning lady could have such care and attention to details, but I was wrong. Marie has an eye for precision and never rushes her work, I’m really impressed.

avis3Clara Heim


When my clients ask me who should take care of their move in/move out cleaning, I always advice them to use MénageSimple.

The staff is excellent and goes the extra mile and beyond. After more than 10 move in / move out cleanings, I can safely say they know their job.

Cabinet Immobilier Naggiar SA

I was always hesitant to call a cleaning company because I was worried that chemical products could be harmful for my familiy’s health. Mr. Bernardi, the owner of the company, gave me  a great deal of informations about the products used by MénageSimple, and I was rassured.

The cleaning ladies came in time and used products that smelled natural and clean.Allyson Grace, Renens


A first cleaning was performed but was far from perfect. As soon as I contacted the Chat, the owner got in touch with me, excused himself for the nuisance and made everything right by sending another cleaner.

I really appreciated the care everyone had for my feedback. I can definitely say now that I am entirely satisfied and I feel confident to recommend their services.

Marie-Fabienne Saumier

A big thank you to the staff that did an great job.


prrrreuveSam Martin


Hello, the cleaning was perfect, thanks a lot. I will not hesitate to book a monthly cleaning. Thanks a lot.


A. Foretay - Pully


Very easy to book online and ask for changes. I didn’t have any issues with credit card payment.Antonia Mariani


Impeccable !

No need to worry for your cleaning needs! Coming back home, first impression: it felt and smelled clean! Impeccable!

Cyril Robin - Epalinges

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